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15 Oct

Thoughts by Amy

Amy 9-4-2011, 7-21-2012, and 10-14-2012

Amy on 9-4-2011, 7-21-2012, and 10-14-2012

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Buddhism, God and AA – What I’ve learned

15 Oct


Clinical Director

15 Oct


csupload 34885203 About UsDr. Jeff Turner, PT, DPT has been in clinical practice since 1986. He received his doctorate from Boston University in 2008. Currently, he is clinical director of Texas Migraine Clinic, and is consultant to the Headache Institute of Texas. His work is based on a highly specialized, scientifically-based evaluation and treatmentsystem capable of resolving chronic pain problems that are resistant to conventional treatment approaches. Many of these pain problems have been lifelong. The system that he uses abolishes headaches and migraines quickly, permanently and naturally by fixing underlying nerve problems in the neck. He has evaluated and treated over 2700 headache patients in the past 7 years. He lives in Central Texas with his wife and their five children.

His passion is to spearhead a research foundation for children, to demonstrate natural, rapid resolution of headache and migraine problems using this system before they become chronic, life-limiting problems throughout adulthood.


Spine researcher, educator and clinician, Angelo DiMaggio, PT, Dip. MDT superseded the fields of physical therapy, medicine, and alternative therapies by developing the Strategic Orthopedic Spine System. Through exceptional attention to detail in clinical testing and practice over many years, Dimaggio discovered clear patterns to headache and migraine disorders. What followed was a revolutionary system of evaluation and treatment, the Strategic Orthopedic Spine System, which abolishes headaches and migraines through treatment of underlying nerve problems in the neck. Outstanding results predictably occur, regardless of how long the problem has existed, or the number of interventions attempted, with rare exception. Dimaggio is currently President of the American Headache Institute in Rochester Hills, Michigan. His evaluation and treatment system forms the foundation of Dr. Turner’s approach to abolish headaches and migraines permanently, without medications, surgery, or ongoing therapies.

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Call us at (210)402-2920 to schedule your initial evaluation!

It’s painless, inexpensive, only takes about an hour, and typically
de-mystifies a chronic pain problem that has baffled you and perhaps
many others up to this point!
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Remembering the Life and Times of Ann Richards

15 Oct


We’re not the only ones who have been remembering Ann Richards this month. Here’s a round-up of what people have been saying about Richards’ and about Jan Reid’s new bio Let the People In: The Life and Times of Ann Richards. No surprise – seems everyone has an Ann Richards story to tell.

Sarah Weddington, the first woman elected to the Texas House from Austin/Travis County and who won the U.S. Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade, wrote a wonderful piece remembering Governor Richards forthe Texas Observer. Here’s a short excerpt, which highlights just one of so many reasons why we respect and celebrate Ann Richards’ work:

“Ann was essential as we formed the Texas Foundation for Women’s Resources (now the Foundation for Women’s Resources) and set about empowering women to be leaders and to open leadership positions to women. By 1977 we had made the…

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15 Oct



mạng thương mại điện tử

24 Apr

mạng thương mại điện tử



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